⚔ Adventure Time with Mike [04] MARGIT the Fell Omen 😅😥

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Join Mike from TriNorth Studios in EPISODE FOUR of Adventure Time with Mike.

This episode Mike continue to play more Elden Ring on his Main Character Jacob Feathertop, an Astrologer aspiring to Dual Wield Swords. Set out on revenge for the death of his loved one, or something like that. or, was it his mother…. I don’t know.. Tune in?

Today we take on MARGIT the WEAK Omen, or something like that. Also we will be doing it with just our two hands!

⚔ Adventure Time with Mike is a series where Mike will be playing various RPG style games. From Solo, to co-op, and even mmos. From time to time he will be joined by other members of TriNorth Studios, and even special guests!

🎉Let us know in the comments if you have a game suggestions, or would like to be part of the show. 🎉

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