Tri-North Studios is dedicated to providing quality gaming content, commentary, and community.

Founded by three content creators from the Great White North (that's Canada, eh?) in the summer of 2019, Tri-North Studios is our way to collaborate on some of our favourite things to do: play games, create content, and share the love of both. It's that simple.


Whether it's podcasts connecting you with your favourite streamer or introducing you to some of the best and brightest of up-and-coming indie games, Tri-North Studios is committed to bringing you the high quality gaming content you're looking for.


What's the state of gaming? Should you try this game or that? How does gaming fit into our daily lives? Our blog, podcasts, game reviews and more answer these questions and offer fresh insight into some of the hottest topics for today's gamers and streamers.


Sure, you could play single player in your living room by yourself (and there's nothing wrong with that), but we all know that one of the greatest things about gaming and streaming are the friends you make along the way. Find us on Twitch or Twitter and join in!


Meet the Tri-North Studios Team



Co-Founder, Youtube Content Creator




Mossiprose is a multi-game streamer who loves his community and is dedicated to providing entertaining content and interactivity through chat conversations. He loves playing with other streamers and his community!

Mossiprose plays on Xbox One X, PS4 Pro Switch, and sometimes even gets his SNES classic out and runs a few levels in Donkey Kong Country!


MysticMikeLive headshot


Co-Founder, Facebook Gaming Partner



Mystic Mike is a partnered streamer with Facebook Gaming as of November 2018. Happily married with one amazing son and two daughters, he also has 4 dogs which can often be seen on stream or on his social media. Mike served ten years with the Canadian Forces, seven in the Army with the PPCLI, and three as a firefighter in the Air Force.

When he's not streaming, Mike is continually doing online courses and networking.





Content Creator, Tech Head


JoshQuake is a Tactical FPS and RPG gamer at heart, though you'll catch him playing a wide variety of genres... except 2D side scrollers. He does not enjoys those one bit. If you ask him to play one he will yell at you... It's scary. Don't do it.


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