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A Little About Us

Welcome to TriNorth Studios - The channel where we play and review games of all types! We are committed to producing high quality content for ever viewer type. We hope to foster a community that works together to both uplift and share ideas. Founded in the fall of 2019, three Canadians got together to create what we have today.


TriNorth Studios is committed to bringing you quality content. This includes gaming, reviews, and let's plays. Every day we are learning, researching and doing what we can do ensure we give you content that we can feel proud about.

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What's the state of gaming? Should you try this game or that? How does gaming fit into our daily lives? Our blog, podcasts, game reviews and more answer these questions and offer fresh insight into some of the hottest topics for today's gamers.

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Sure, you could play single player in your living room by yourself (and there's nothing wrong with that), but we all know that one of the greatest things about gaming and streaming are the friends you make along the way.

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